Max Gene Nohl

Max "Gene" Nohl, was a salvage diver, adventurer, and graduate of MIT. In the winter of 1937, this Milwaukee native tested the suit and pioneered a helium/oxygen breathing mixtures in a record breaking 420 ft. dive to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

The helium/oxygen mixture idea was co-developed with Dr. Edgar End of the Marquette School of Medicine. "The Deepest Dive" made international news and its young diver was suddenly a celebrity. Nohl immediately announced plans to dive the wreck of the Lusitania and film the entire adventure as a feature documentary.

The previous summer had brought the veteran salvage diver to the pyramids of Rock Lake in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. He made a series of dives in the late summer and toward the end of his last dive, he came across a tall pyramidal structure made of densely fitted small rocks. The undersea structures of Rock Lake now remain a mystery and are the subject of ongoing research.